The plan

Brief Outline

Adam wants to return to Yosemite to climb, Noémie to Mexico to cycle.  With no air travel.  Travelling by aircraft makes us forget the distances involved.  We don’t want to arrive in a region without seeing the one before, the path we leave behind shows us the true transition.

With our gear and a list of climbing areas we leave Britain.  Heading east.  Once we have crossed the Himalaya and find ourselves and the end of the Asian continent we take a boat to reach the Americas.  Following the Rockies then the Andes we reach Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America.  We then sail to Africa to forge our way to Europe.

Objectives: To live simply and with passion.  To be free and independent.  To respect nature.  To take the time necessary.  Climb, cycle, discover, travel and share.

When we talk about our project, the vast majority of people say “Ah yes, it’s a trip around the world”.  Can our voyage be defined as a world tour ? Maybe, but personally, we think that this word is misleading and very simplistic. The planet is way too vast for a person to go around it in a lifetime. Going around the world is trendy.  That means everything and yet nothing. Some go for six months, taking aircraft to go from continent to continent, spending a month in each of them. Others travel the world on foot and go through remote areas unknown from most travellers and take 15 years.  Navigators discover the earth from the sea. No option is better then the other, each of them is just about choices. Putting everything in the same box blurs this diversity.

That’s where small world on a bike comes from.  The way we’ll take is one amongst many others, we will only be able to share our small world with you.
Our philosophy:

  • Spontaneity.  If there are few points on the map we don’t prepare a precise itinerary.  Intuition, instinct, surprises are the finest ingredients of a good adventure. (Even so there is a minimum that is necessary, difficult visas, war zones and so forth).  This is equally why our date of return is not fixed.
  • Simplicity.  Putting aside the lead weights, we travel with the minimum we need for maximum autonomy.
  • Respect the environment and the cultures we come across.

Our aims:

  • Live for our passions, with passion, freely, distancing ourselves from a society we believe too focussed on material gain.
  • Climb some of the most beautiful cliffs of the planet, famous or unknown, truly accessible or lost in the middle of nowhere.
  • Prove to ourselves and others that it is possible to travel to the edge of the world without taking aircraft.
  • For our food, to give priority to products that are local and in season.
  • By way of our dynamos and the help of the sun we will produce enough electricity to recharge our head torches, phones, cameras and a small computer.
  • Write a book to tell the world as we see it, as we live it.
  • Produce videos to share not only the lands we find but our daily lives as nomads.