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The grand departure

20.10.16  Chaotic start.

No passport, no credit card.

And we're offNo depart without a false start. As usual, we haven’t been able to leave without forgetting something. Ready, we take off without my passport. I left it in France and it’s on the way via post to the UK.  Adam’s parents will have to send them to our next destination, maybe the Netherlands, maybe Germany.

Without a map.

Arriving in Lincoln, it was decided to not follow the GPS, allowing us to take a picture in front of the cathedral. Since we have 300km left in England we didn’t buy a map. Our navigation is based only on this jewel ofLincoln Cathedral technology. Problem is with the route being so long it doesn’t appreciate our change in course.  We are lost and so is it. After long minutes waiting, it has recalculated the route and leave.

With the rain.

While it starts raining, we realise that the detour of a few meters has added ten kilometers.  In waterproof jackets and trousers, we chow down some cereal bars before leaving.  Without fuel for cooking.  Our stove runs on petrol.  It’s cheaper than gas and crucially it’s easier to source since we have only to stop at any petrol pump. But not today. Forbidden from filling our bottle.  Health and safety reasons. Any negotiation is impossible, their only solution is to purchase a jerry can and a minimum of five litres, enough fuel for a month…

Each problem has its solution.

The sky cleared up. Workers who have overheard our conversation at the petrol station kindly fill our bottles.  Passport Hand-offAdam’s Dad arrives and hands over my passport and credit cards, delivered by the postman a mere hour post departure.  To be sure to finish off the day strong, we listen carefully to the GPS. Night falls quickly and it’s time to pitch the tent. In a copse between a field and a stream. Regardless of the short distance, we’ve left.


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