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Squat Advisor, our European highlight

Squat Advisor, it’s a new concept. If you want to get off the beaten track, go for a night in a sheltered place where no one else sets foot, don’t look any further. We’ve got the perfect squat for you.

The cave of S*** a N*****a on the island of H**r

When to go?
Preferably off-season, let’s say from December to February, when it’s the coldest.

From the port-town of S***i G**d, take a ‘shortcut’ that goes up to the highest peak of the island before returning to the coast. The road if it can be called as such, is rather a very rugged and steep track for about ten kilometres. Avoid once every fifty years when the thermometer goes below zero and the track is covered with snow and ice. Don’t hesitate to check the weather forecast before you choose this way. In case of doubt, take the real road. Once in the village of S*** a N******a, there are only 30 minutes left of steep and rocky trail, a perfect little work out.

The bedroom consists of a chapel whose walls and roof are still standing.
The living room has been entirely refurbished and cleaned by us. It is a well preserved ruin without doors/windows/roof (don’t worry, the cave provides ample protection)with a bench, corner table and fireplace complete with a small grill (which we unfortunately forgot). Dead wood for the fire is present in abundance.Electricity is not provided but the location is south facing, perfect for solar panels.For toilets, it is up to you but we recommend moving away a hundred meters from the common spaces taking care of the ravine.


What to bring?
It depends on the length of stay envisaged but you will need at least the following:
Three litres of water per person per day to cover drinking/cooking (forget the shower, this is not an hotel), food, mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, head torch, warm jacket for the evening, beer or wine of your choice (beware, the village shop is open only from 4-7 pm), your instrument if you are a musician, and finally your camera to immortalise your stay.

Helpful Hints
Not recommended for those with heart conditions nor asthmatics.
If you are looking to lose weight, keep your down jacket on for the ascent.
Whilst in the cave, some noises may surprise you. Never fear, these are just bats (probably not vampiric) or falling rocks.
If you do not know what to do during the day, we can recommend several options. 1. Don’t do anything. 2. Build new benches. 3. Pass the sweeping brush, it’s in the cupboard inside the chapel. 4. Take a nap.

What we thought:
Comfort        4/5
Cleanliness   3/5
Accessibility 3/5
Tranquility   5/5
View             5/5


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