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South Korea in a few words and some photos


Korea was one of those countries we thought we’d never visit. An isolated peninsula whose only land border is impassable, you can get there by either taking a ferry from China, Russia, Japan, or by air. Our Chinese visa being refused again in Bangkok meant we were stuck in Southeast Asia having to change plans again.




At the Chiang Mai Climbing shop in Thailand, we came across a Korean climbing guidebook. After a quick browsing, the apparent diversity of rock and landscape had us captivated.  Guidebook in hand, tickets reserved, we were ready to go without really knowing what to expect.





Difficult to describe the feelings when we think back to this surprising country. Relieved to find a cooler climate after the suffocating heat of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Pleased to pedal in silence, whether on brand new roads next to many electric cars or on bucolic bike paths along the rivers. Amazed by the beauty of the temples and the incomparable generosity of the locals. Happy to share our nomadism with Adam’s father who met us every night in his car for three weeks.



The small size of the country and the multitude of roads and cliffs allowed us to improvise to the maximum following our desires dealing with the capricious weather. In two months, we travelled about 1300 kilometres, following mainly small countryside or mountain roads and we explored six climbing sites, all memorable and different at once. Four days of cycling, three days of rain, four days of climbing, a few rest days here and there, a slow pace that made these two months of cycloclimbing a delicious moment of travel in an incredible setting.



Before writing a longer and more detailed article, we began by sorting out our photos. It wasn’t an easy task. Of the 1000 photos we have taken, we have selected 158. To make this album more alive, they are published in chronological order accompanied by descriptions. Despite the large number of photos, we hope you’ll like this selection as much as we enjoyed choosing them!


Here it is then, the link to the album. Don’t hesitate to comment and/or ask questions, we’ll be happy to answer (and it keeps us motivated to share our adventures!).

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