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On the road, there isn’t a day without an encounter. Locals, animals, insects,… and some crazy travellers on the way to their dreams.

Marc and Esteban, two bird-watchers always ready to the get the binoculars out (page in French)

June 2017, Tortum in Turkey. We’ve been on the roadside trying to manage the broken valve of our last inner tube. While we are frankensteining one of our pumps to convert it into a makeshift valve (inventive bodge job), two cyclists show up from around the corner. Saved! We will spend the rest of the day chatting without counting the kilometres.

Michael, in love with the road and in search of adventure (blog in German)

May 2017, Cappadocia, Turkey. After our food poisoning, we settled in to Panorama Camping in Göreme to rest for a few days. We put the tent in the shade, next to the only other camper, Michael, aka Lollo. He took a two year sabbatical to reach Australia on a motorcycle.

Alex Sloane, on the Hippy Trail (blog in English)

April 2017, Olympos, Turkey. As we are resting in the dormitory of the youth hostel, a new companion arrives. Backpack already well covered with flags, Alex has been on the road for 3 months. His objective: follow the hippy trail taken by backpackers from the 1960s and will take him from Europe to Southeast Asia.

Clément, Isis and Yaelle, a vegan family that pedals and climbs around (blog in French)

March 2017, Athens. After many months of talking on the Internet, our paths finally cross. Happy parents of 2 years old Yaëlle, Clément and Isis have been travelling for almost a year and climbing all over Europe. They managed to deal brilliantly with the seasons and never spent too much time without touching rock. A baby, washable diapers, the climbing gear, diabetes to manage and a flawless commitment to the vegan cause. Hats off!

Xenia and Tinu, a biker couple taking their time (blog in German and English)

February 2017, Meteora in Greece. Cliffs all around us and it’s raining … Impossible to climb, we look for comfort at the bar of the campsite. Xenia and Martin are sharing their first pictures on their blog. After spending six days to get from Switzerland to Greece, they now plan to go slow and enjoy the incredible routes along their route. Iran, Pamir, Karakorum, Ladakh…

Matt Orwin, a winter lover

January 2017, Croatia. 4 pm, we are talking by the side of the road to decide when to stop. A cyclist catches up with us. Matt is wearing shorts despite the cold, an unconventional pannier set up made of waterproof bags and bungy cords, has got the best flap jack recipe ever and a ton of stories to tell. We shared a great week with him good memories and anecdotes.

Foo C Yong, a cyclist who does not have cold eyes (blog in English)

November 2016, Austria. It’s raining, windy and cold on the Eurovelo 6 which runs along the Danube. And there, as wet and smiling as us, we meet a crazy cyclist. “Ah, I’m so glad to meet you, I thought I was the only madman to cycle in winter!”. We raise our hoods for a photo and have a chat for five minutes. Originally from Malaysia, he never spends more than 6 months before going on a bike ride.