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Video: The Mont Aiguille

We’ve had this montain on our minds for a while. We took advantage of some time off to take a look. The adventure lives up to our expectations. We chose the voie normale. Easy, interesting and fit with the forecasted weather in a grand setting.

Just before summiting the weather took a turn for the worse, starting to snow. It quickly became clear that the descent was going to be more complicated than foreseen. In normal conditions, you follow steps of easy scrambling with some scree-strewn narrow couloirs between them.  When you have a couloir, you have an area typically sheltered from the sun and snow hangs around longer.  I’ll let you imagine. A steep slope, covered in 2 to 3 metres of hard snow/ice that we have to descend, in trainers, no gloves and improvising protection.  Instead of 30mins, we took 3 hours to get to the open scree at the foot of the mountain.

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