Turkey, from South to North

We spent more than two months of not believing our eyes in Turkey. We finally managed to make a video of our trip through this incredible country.

For our 70 days there, we had more than 3 hours of footage. Sorting through, organizing, cutting, cropping, stabilising, removing extraneous sounds, selecting music, it was a real creative process that took us over 4 weeks for a result a little different than our previous videos. We wondered about many things, especially duration and pace. 20 minutes to watch, it’s perhaps too long especially that we speak very little. At the same time the images are so varied and beautiful: landscapes, animals, monuments, hot air balloon, cycling, kayaking, camping, mechanic, climbing, walking.
In short, if you have time to watch it, tell us what you think. We enjoyed making il and we love the result but it’s hard for us to be objective with such good memories …

News in photos from Uzbekistan

The Kazakh desert and water made us so hill that we arrived in Nukus by train on the 3rd of August. We’ve cycled well since then and we are now a day away from the Tajik border where we will make our way through the Pamir mountains.

Because we have a lot of blog posts and videos pending (coming soon…), we decided to give news the easiest way possible : with commented photos of Uzbekistan.

A sunny december

OspDecember 12. Osp. A little village in stone nestled underneath a gigantic rocky cirque. The paradise of Slovenian climbing. The perfect wild camping spot; the crag a 10-minute walk away under cloudless skies, friendly temperatures and a six kilometre cycle to replenish the water and food. ShoppingEverything came together, we put our difficult winter behind us and finally used our eight kilos of climbing gear that had lain dormant in the depths of the panniers. We’d stay for ten days. Meanwhile, a third adventurer had the time to consolidate his equipment, pack his bike and find a flight to Venice, joining us on the 21st of December. From there, Sylvain took a train for Trieste whilst we climbed the hill separating Italy from Slovenia to greet him. Three on the road. With our need for the open road coming back strong accompanying the better than usual weather, we head for the Istrian Peninsula. Piran, the Slovenian Venice, calls us. An unseasonably zealous security guard dislodges us from our beach bivouac at 2300.

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