Cycling gear

Cooking gear

Camping gear

The trip

photo AdamAdam, 29, British.  Detests tidying anything but his climbing equipment and adores his guitalele.  He will be chief photographer/videographer of the journey.  With carabiners in hand he calls upon his experience of El Capitan to manage the climbing objectives.

photo NoNo

Noémie, 29, French.  Loves complaining, having dirty hands and finishes everything she starts (particularly when it comes to cakes).  She is the chief mechanic of the expedition.  In love with bikes from childhood she has numerous two wheeled adventures already under her belt.

Before our departure, we lived in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France in a van for two years. No heating, no toilet, no shower. A few square metres of space to share with our skis, pots, four quilts, mountaineering equipment, guidebooks and a map of the world hanging from the ceiling. Our seasonal contracts allowed us four months of off-season holidays per year. This gave us the opportunity to test the idea of a cyclo-climbing nomadic trip. From Albertville, France, we crossed the Alps to the Dolomites, Italy, loaded with all our equipment. A little later, we left Bourgoin-Jallieu to go down to the Calanques stopping at each cliff on the road.

Nomadic cyclo-climbers

The plan is that there is no plan.

On the 20th October 2016, we’ve abandoned our house on four wheels for a life on two wheels. We are now moving eastwarsd with no further constrainst than to enjoy it. (We would still like to avoid cold winters and visa problems…)



A vital need for freedom and adventure, a mad desire for a simple life, a foolish dream of leaving no trace but the memory of our stay. Pedal. Eat. Climb. Sleep. Be amazed. Repeat. Speed and rushing being our worst nightmares, we hope to pedal every kilometre we can and to minimise our use of aircraft.


How long?

Nothing decided, everything is possible. Our savings should allow us to travel for about three years. Beyond this point, we’ll see, we’ll improvise. Working on the Internet, sell the story of our adventures or some photos, settle somewhere nice and get a job for a few months. Our largest wealth remains to have the time and take it.

Which route?

Passionate climbers, we managed to cram all our gear into the bags. Rope, harnesses, quickdraws, shoes, eight kilograms which we uses as often as possible. We cycle naturally towards famous or unknown mountains and cliffs. Combining cycling nomadism and long climbing trips remains a challenge. We know that we’ll sometimes spend several months without climbing or without pedalling. The most important thing is finding a balance, to be at the right place at the right season and to stay in shape between each.

May 2018. We’ve reached South Korea. After getting our Chinese visa refused in July 2017, we decided to fly to Bangkok in November and to enjoy South East Asia’s warm winter to climb in Thailand and Laos. We got denied the Chinese visa again in Bangkok in march 2018, so we cycled from Laos to Vietnam and flew to Seoul.