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6 months in 6 pictures

Nothing better than 6 photos to talk about these 6 months spent on the road, celebrated on the 20 of April.

The hardest? Dealing with each other …

If the Chinese calendar is to be taken literally we are two dragons. So inevitably, from time to time, we spit flames. Climatic conditions, fatigue and missing other loved ones doesn’t always help. However we are rather happy, our Franglais is improving day by day and we understand each other better and better 🙂

The sunset aperitif

When Sylvain joined us in December, it was Christmas, then New Year’s Day, then Noémie’s birthday, and finally every magnificent sunset imposed itself as a perfect excuse for a relaxing aperitif or a pre-dinner snacking.

It is not distance that counts

In 180 days of travel, we spent 100 pedalling. We are 4 months behind on our initial plan. The distance doesn’t matter as much as the road taken. Our computers show only about 5209 kilometres but our legs are in shape for the continuation, which doesn’t look flat.

Photographic memories

Two cameras, 4 spare batteries and 5 memory cards already full for a total of 2364 photos. Noémie takes a lot (too much?) and Adam loves to experiment…

Some mechanical problems, almost resolved

For mechanical problems, the prize goes to Sylvain. In the two and a half months he was with us, he managed to ride 1000 kilometres with a headset bodged from duct tape, suffering 3 broken spokes on the original wheel and 2 on the replacement. Adam arrives second with a front brake that no longer responds, despite a purge in Vienna. New brakes should soon arrive, so all’s well.

A month’s respite from pedalling to climb on two dream islands

We didn’t carry 8kg of climbing equipment for nothing. After 14 days on Kalymnos rebuilding our arms then 16 days on Telendos camping on a deserted paradise-beach to climb all the long routes of the island, we almost settled there until next spring. We had to drag ourselves back onto the road.

To Asia we go!

In other words, we started off beautifully with great encounters. Emek and Onur have embarked for 3 months of kayaking, the idea being to draw a line between Antalya and Istanbul. Alex left in the footsteps of the Hippie Trail, for a year by bus / autostop from Barcelona to Singapore. Kadir’s Tree Houses, a hostel like no other, fed us and housed us like kings for 4 days for a bargain price. Without forgetting all the anonymous locals that ran after us to give us apples, oranges, pecans, gozleme, bread, tea…


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