Welcome to Turkey

After a teary goodbye to the island paradise of Telendos and our friend Yannis, we took sail for Turkey with a heavy heart. That was a month ago.  Our smiles returned quickly.

Because here, we are never hungry

We’ve lost quite a lot of weight since our departure. Luckily, the Turks are here to make sure we eat enough. Really. There has not been a day without screeching brakes, hazard lights and food thrust through an open window. Apples, nuts, cookies, apricots, gozleme, bottled water, cookies, salty biscuits, peaches, çay (Turkish tea), quince (much better than those we’ve had before). When we can’t take our odour anymore and we are forced to take a room for the night, breakfast is always a real treat full of delicious local products.
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Greece, when (almost) nothing goes as planned

Arriving in Greece on the 20th of February, we stayed in the country until the 10th of April, 40 days during which (almost) nothing went as expected.

A Chaotic Greek start

Adam, unable to pedal due to a knee injury, was forced to reach Meteora by bus and train via Athens, taking two days. Meanwhile, Sylvain and I cycled on the motorway to avoid a 200km detour.
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Squat Advisor, our European highlight

Squat Advisor, it’s a new concept. If you want to get off the beaten track, go for a night in a sheltered place where no one else sets foot, don’t look any further. We’ve got the perfect squat for you.

The cave of S*** a N*****a on the island of H**r

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Squat Advisor

Long-term wild camping enthusiasts, recently we’ve discovered the art of squatting. In certain special conditions, when using your tent is impossible (urban areas, once in a decade storms, absence of flat terrain…) squatting is the solution. To do so, you still need to find the perfect place.

What is Squat Advisor?

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Did you know?

Being surprised each day is one of the reasons we love travelling. Discovering new landscapes, hearing different languages, confronting ourselves with other customs. In short, getting surprised by novelties, seeing them as bizarre before finally get used to them and finding them normal.  Accustomation. After five months on the road, let us tell you what has astonished us the most so far.

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Cres, Krk, Rab, Pag, Hvar

This could be a list of random acronyms, it’s not. These are the Croatian islands we’ve travelled over in the past few weeks.

This could be a list of random acronyms, it’s not. These are the Croatian islands we’ve travelled over in the past few weeks.

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Philosophical moments #2. Being late

Travelling, or the art of being late.


Going fast, it’s shortest path to go far. It’s also probably the best way to not enjoy the trip. Winter reminded us of a forgotten lesson. We can plan everything, except the passing of time. Since planning is not our thing, time flew faster than expected. No danger, we’re late but still going in the right direction.


Thank you Christine for this poetic welcome.